Dark Odyssey Server Merges on 03/05 @ 00:30 AM Server Time

Time: 03/05/2024 00:30 a.m (Server Time)

Duration: 2 Hour(s)

Affected Servers:

S65+S86 will be merged.

S66+S84 will be merged.

S67+S83 will be merged.

S89+S90 will be merged.

S91+S92 will be merged.

S93+S94 will be merged.


Character removal:

1. Level <80

2. No login in the last 14 days

3. No recharge record

4. Not a guild leader

5. Not a vice guild leader

Basic Rules:

1. Add suffixes to the names of players/guilds with the same name after the merge, and send out rename cards.

2. After the merger, the rankings, the guild list, and the Babel ranking will be recalculated according to the merged data and the original rules.

3. Clear the Chaos Wars overlord guild and related rewards (title/fashion/daily rewards).

4. Clear the Volcano overlord server and related rewards (title/ buff).

5. Clear Sanctuary Season information and related rewards (title/fashion).

6. Reset all players' Dominator rank to Bronze V and send compensation according to the previous rank.

7. Clear all chat messages.

8. Clear the logs of the Equipment Hunt and the Heirloom Hunt.


1. Open the server merge events after the merge.

2. Reset the 2x First Recharge progress after the merge.

3. Open an additional Chao Wars on the first day after the merge.