Dark Odyssey - Defend the Village


A. Player Evo 2, server opening day 8.

B. Opening time: Every Wednesday and Friday after the function is available, the first one opens at 20:00, and lasts for 2 hours.

a) The next Defend the Village start time is determined by the player with the most points in the last one.


A. [Main Interface] - [Dungeons] - [Guard] - [Village].

Basic Rules

A. Players can enter the map when the dungeon is opened, and there is a 15-second preparation time before the attack starts.

B. After the preparation time, the village will be attacked by waves of monsters, and players are required to protect the village.

C. There are 3 different village gates, and players need to cooperate with each other to defend the village at the gates. If 2 or more gates are down, the game fails.

D. Kill as many monsters as possible to get more rewards.


A. Monster Types: There are many types of monsters in the dungeon, and each acts differently; while challenging stage bosses, be careful of the minions.

B. Special Items: Search around the village for special items and receive great battle support; drag or click to use them to kill monsters.

C. Cooperation: Players are required to strategically arrange their forces to guard the different village gates.


In-game Help:

1. Open every Wednesday and Friday, available serving opening day 7, player Evo 2.

2. Defend the Village is a multiplayer feature and the eligible players can participate in the specified event time.

3. There are 4 major locations, the village and the 3 village gates. Monsters will respawn near the village gates; beat all the monsters of wave or when the refresh time is reached, the next wave of monsters will respawn; when the wave number reaches the multiple of 5, the monsters will no longer respawn until the players defeat all the monsters.

4. The stage boss respawns every 5 waves; click the button to view the boss's skill effect.

5. Defeat monsters to earn points and get the corresponding rewards when reaching the required points.

6. Players can spend Diamonds to revive themselves instantly or wait and revive in the village.

7. When the village gate drops to 0 HP, it is destroyed. When 2 village gates are destroyed, the game fails.

8. Challenge rewards will be distributed according to personal achievement, rank, and the number of waves defeated.

9. Only the first challenge starts from the first wave, and in future challenges, it will skip waves based on the previous progress.

Strategy 1: To kill more monsters and survive, it is recommended to use the villagers' inspiration buff to strengthen the party's combat power.

Strategy 2: To better defend the village, it is recommended that players deploy the forces strategically.