Dark Odyssey - Cross-Server Outnumbered
Feature Unlock

A. Unlock: At least 28 days after server opening

B. Circle: Every 4 weeks.

C. Available for Evo.5 Lv.80 players.

D. Limited-time

a) Open on Friday.

b) Icon available on Thursday, 00:00.

c) Icon disappears on Sunday, 00:00.

d) Only the eligible players can see the icon.


Sign Up

A. Players who meet the requirements can sign up for Cross-server Outnumbered.


B. The players registered compete to become the champion.

a) The competitors are ranked by wins and points.

b) There are up to 12 matches in the qualification round with a 2-minute interval between each 2 matches.

c) The top 3 players of the qualification round are the champions.

d) The top 30 players are qualified for the Championship Fight round.

Championship Fight

A. 5 modes in total: 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, 1v6 and 1v8.

B. The top 3 players are the champions, and the top 4-30 players are the challengers.

C. The defeated champion becomes the challenger.

D. The fight ends when all the champions are defeated or when the 1v8 ends.

E. Rewards are sent when the event ends.


A. Sign Up: 0:00-20:30

B. Qualification 20:30-21:00

C. Championship Fight: 21:05-21:55

a) 1V1: 21:05-21:15

b) 1V2: 21:15-21:25

c) 1V4: 21:25-21:35

d) 1V6: 21:35-21:45

e) 1V8: 21:45-21:55