Dark Odyssey - Olympus System

1. Unlocks at Evo.1. Opening Time: Open every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 20:00.

2. Challenge the Olympus with cross-server players. The castellan needs to defense the Olympus next time.



First challenge on Olympus

A. At the beginning of the game, the attackers need to enter the attacker's camp first to enter the gate. Only after breaking the gate can attackers enter the city.

a) The defenders enter the defender's camp first and make a defensive plan. The defender cannot enter the city if the gate is not broken.

Confronting Olympus

A. There are Statues defense in the west of the city (the east of the city, the main city).

a) The attackers need to destroy any statue in the west (east) of the city to enter the main city.

b) During the event, the defenders will fail when the statue of the main city is destroyed. Otherwise the defenders succeed.

i. After the statue in the west (east) of the cit is destroyed, miners will be summoned to repair the statue, and the repaired statue will be revived when it reaches 20% HP.

Combat OlympusAfter the attackers destroy the statue of the main city, all of them will be sent to the main city for the final combat.

A. In the final, the siege party will be divided into two sides, with one server on each side.

a) During the final, players can attack players on the other server and cannot be revived.

B. The final duration is 5 minutes.

a) During the event, if all the players on one server die, the event ends and the players on the other server win.

b) If the event is not over within 5 minutes, the server with the most remaining players wins

C. During the final, the screen turns gray after the player dies. Players can choose to exit the interface, or view the combat result in the interface.